Early Literacy Intervention:
Expanding Expertise and Impact

a Reading Recovery initiative in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education

The goal of this initiative is to focus on developing highly effective teachers and resources for schools for improving the reading and writing abilities of students.
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Phrasing in Fluent Reading


Module Focus
Exploring aspects of fluent reading and supporting phrasing in fluent reading


Key Points for Teachers
Reading with phrasing in fluent reading allows children to use meaning and structure sources of information to support the use of visual information, thus helping them problem solve as they read text. It also involves putting together all sources of information — meaning, language structures, and print knowledge — in an integrated and flexible manner to support the comprehension of text. When this happens, phrased and fluent reading is not simply a product of reading, but a major contributor to reading proficiency.

To monitor a child’s progress, teachers can record how the child’s reading sounded on the running record form. Did the reading sound like talking? Is the reader learning how to pause appropriately, read in phrases, and use punctuation, pitch, and stress to get the message? And are these behaviors flexible and changing over time?


A 2-page reference guide accompanies this video and includes the module focus, definitions and other important information, key points for teachers, and resources. Reading the reference guide prior to viewing the video will enhance your learning experience.

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